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Few people know that in addition to his license to kill, he also has a license to spamuse.

Oddly enough, his appearance changes from time to time without comment by others around him. For this reason it is strongly suspected that he is, in fact, a Time Lord. This would explain his wanton disregard for human life and his unfathomable ability to use an endless array of incomprehensible gadgets. Unlike The Doctor, he does not have a predilection for hanging out with goofy companions who just muck up the works. Although he has bed uncountable human women who never seem to get pregnant, undoubtedly due to differences between human and Gallifreyan physiologies.

His career in hilarity is documented herein.

Spamusement Appearances

Title Artist Date
LovePussy Dween 2006-03-01Mar 01, 2006
[Spam] galore Yoyodyne 2006-04-08Apr 08, 2006
watch you've always wanted! Gelatine Cow 2006-10-01Oct 01, 2006
How To Win Poker PonderThis 2006-12-11Dec 11, 2006
omega james bond seamaster - black with black bezel, SS band PorkChopSandwiches 2007-01-19Jan 19, 2007
Rock hard in twenty minutes Plate Spinner 2007-01-26Jan 26, 2007
qdanish Zombie Protestor 2007-02-12Feb 12, 2007
Sounds crazy, but seems that you can! Ol' Kentucky Shark 2007-02-17Feb 17, 2007
you sandblast an martini Nyperold 2007-04-24Apr 24, 2007
Is too much for one James Bond! PonderThis 2008-10-18Oct 18, 2008
iashaken Slydon 2008-11-21Nov 21, 2008
Kiss Bang Bonk Galore slydon 2009-01-03Jan 03, 2009
ARE U RELIABLE AND TRUSTWORTHY? PonderThis 2011-01-06Jan 06, 2011

Bond Villains

Bond himself isn't the only one to find his way onto Spamusement. Occasionally a criminal mastermind takes over to use the site as a tool in their evil plan which they will explain to you in great detail rather than having you killed.

Title Artist Date
Another day, another oil rig explodes PonderThis 2011-07-17Jul 17, 2011
Rent a private island, less than you can imagine [2] Judas Maccabeus 2011-07-23Jul 23, 2011
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