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Superheroes of unfathomable power and awesomeness keep sprouting in guest strips only to vanish into the dark forgotten darkness of history, but their deeds live forever. Let's give a hand to these often under appreciated heroes who endeavor to support Truth, Justice, and the Spamusement Way.

Name and Origin Page Author Superpowers
Amaizing Lee Giantsfan97 Pointing Things Out
Amazing Funding Carlchilders  ?
Amazing horse Clueless Returning from outer space!
Bad Pun Man draculahunter Debilitatingly bad puns.
bl0w gir1 Gelatine Cow Getting children to do small jobs for $2
Christians (Team) Plate Spinner Connecting to form JesusFreak
(Unnamed member of Team Christians) Plate Spinner Turning the Other Cheek
Deserve Happiness Null Justice; omelettes
Erectile Dysfunction IglooJeffrey  ?
Hearing Gifted Girl slydon Incredibly sensitive hearing
Hearing Impaired Man PonderThis Impaired hearing
Hoodia PixieWolfe  ?
Impotence Gerardo Solomon Make others impotent
Inappropriate Man Dusk Bringer Inappropriateness
Lesbiman jvcc Inexpensive merchandise
League of Plugged-In Electric Appliances Veepa Helping!
Dr. Maxman Null Opening bottles with "child-proof" caps.
Micro Mouth Null Eating small meals
Orange Gerald PonderThis Looking good in orange
PirateNinjaShark Dween See Pirate, Ninja, Shark
Premature Ejaculation SemiNomad Unstoppability
pyrometer falcon Clueless Looking hot?
Roadkill Man Mimiheart & ntw3001  ?
Shakespearian Guy Dusk Bringer Ability to speak in oddly phrased English
sheesh man Nyperold Ennui
StealthStock Mimiheart Being a stealthy cow.
Steampunk Lady aka "Just the Fax-Ma'am" PonderThis Turning modern gadgets into Victorian era analogs.
Super Ficial Lambs_Cows_Lambs & Zombie Protestor Pointing out superficial flaws
Superlotto PixieWolfe  ?
SuperMacho PortalsAreAwesome Weightlifting buildings, removing large quantities of alcohol from overfilled basements in a single chug, and the power to influence football games by chanting the team's name repeatedly at the television set.
SuperSperm IanC  ?
Team Porn featuring Superdong and BJ Girl PonderThis Sexual Power
tiny size Clueless tiny size
u man Null  ?
Weasel Man Zombie Protestor  ?
wonder man Judas Maccabeus Asking Dr. Maxman for help.

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