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Francois Tremblay was member of the Spamusement forums (Joined 25 Nov 2007) that quickly became infamous for his scathing criticisms of guest strips and pompous insults directed towards the rest of the Spamusment community. He presented himself in a superior manner, considering himself to have a more sophisticated sense of humor than the other forum members. He was obstinate in his opinions, essentially considering anyone that disagreed with him to be wrong.

Many of his slights and nitpicks were so over-the-top that it led some to speculate that his was a joke account. Francois Tremblay fervently denied these allegations, and never once gave an indication that he was being facetious.

On Jan 18, 2008, Francois Tremblay began a thread, complaining that the movie quote that he wanted to put into his signature had been auto-censored. Multiple instructions on how to remedy the problem fell on deaf ears, and after another classic back-and-forth, Francois Tremblay made his "final post" and left the forums, never to post again........until Sat Jul 12, 2008 5:27 pm EST.

It's worth noting that, although Francois Tremblay is mostly remembered for his caustic tongue and arrogant attitude, there were actually quite a few guest strips that met with his approval.

In short: Francois Tremblay is a cock head.

Spamusements Commented on by Francois Tremblay (Positive feedback in italic and true Francois Tremblay classics in bold):

Title Artist Francois Tremblay Response
krakin download Nyperold I was close.. I thought this was going to be Kraken downloading a ROM of Final Fantasy 1.
XMAS DRAWS. deauthorized Never bring a sword to a gunfight.
A vast majority think the country is heading in the wrong direction. IglooJeffrey If I could rate cartoons, I would give it ten stars. You are my favourite Spamuser.
blackjack user manual PonderThis This one actually made me laugh. If I could rate it, I would rate it fifty stars.
she thought it was a french loaf Puck This cartoon is nightmarish and twisted. Hardly appropriate for viewing.
Go sainthood no retrogression SquishyPeriscope A true masterpiece, the transposition of Monopoly into an angel/demon context in order to produce the phrase was a stroke of brillance.
Pharmmancy $1, 45 Nyperold Wow, you really nailed this one on the head. You incorporated all the elements from the topic line, especially "pharmmancy." This was a hard one, bravo! It's hard for me to imagine a better way to illustrate this. Pill bottles or pills are not easy to incorporate in an illustration of divination.
Fruit Game The kinky turtle It's supposed to be a pear, but it looks like giant testicles.
Nail PonderThis This comic is not very good. I understand that he's saying "nail," but there's no context. It just looks like a bad attempt at absurdist humour. (+6 additional posts)
Your huge boner will impress her in New Year! Null I understand the joke, although I must say that she does not in fact look impressed (neither would she have a reason to be), and therefore the translation of the phrase was not accurate. I docked it one point for that. (+4 additional posts)
Fly Delta with your two Airline Tickets Nyperold The only explanation I can think of for this travesty is that the cartoonist was high on many drugs while drawing it. The cartoon had no relation to the title except for the flying part. The two tickets seem to have been added as an afterthought, and initially looked like he was flipping the bird on both hands. (+3 additonal posts)
{good_canada_subject} -- CHALLENGE chrismachine Disturbing and offensive in many different ways. (+1 additional post)
Santa Said, HO HO HO The kinky turtle I thought the cartoon was good, but I am disturbed by the profanation of the concept of Santa Claus. (+1 additional post)
erection pitnyelder The idea of the game show is kindof a cheap gimmick that can be used for any single word, so I had to dunk one point for that. Apart from that the idea is excellent.
maybe u want to learn me better IglooJeffrey I especially like the fact that the intelligence level of the subject line is reflected in the book's own pedestrian title, "instructions to make stuff work." I imagine that the character would be getting quite irate indeed with such an asinine companion. Thank you very much IglooJeffrey for delivering such quality time after time, I always look forward to more of your work.
Pickle invades Chicago Null Looks like it's gonna have to invade piecemeal.
SuperSperm! IanC This is a horrible cartoon. For one thing, no cape can be made that small. Secondly, there's no reason why a sperm would wear a cape.
Your own privater Vegas! SquishyPeriscope Bravo! What style! I applaud you sir. (+1 additional post)
T-Shirt Sent From Heaven (my version. :3) Matthew It's everything I expected. (+1 additional post)
axis craps PonderThis Slightly dissapointing: I expected something with Hitler. But the cartoon is very good. (+1 additonal post)
GoodPillsDale PixieWolfe I didn't expect anything less. Stunning.
Hot nights are guarenteed for well hung dudes! EsBe I did not expect that at all. Top rate work!
Think About It ian1 But why is he thinking about that specifically? There's no context at all.
Sudoku Whiz Challenge SquishyPeriscope I thought they looked like retards actually. Well, they are frat boys, so I guess I was close...
archeurs PixieWolfe Hon hon hon! (+1 additional post)
Something big is coming to Cartoon Network... IanC Major thumbs down on this one. Just dissing a television network does not a funny joke make. Come on, at least develop the idea you started... (+1 additional post)
[CHALLENGE] Wish your male part was larger Blasphemy With all the possible wishes one could make, it is difficult to imagine the callousness of a person who would try to get her boyfriend to wish for a bigger penis. This is the sort of inspired cartooning that makes this forum worth reading.
[CHALLENGE] If you are ready to settle down, this is for you SquishyPeriscope I thought the context could have been more explicit, but apart from that it's a great cartoon.
Dick Christ PixieWolfe Not only did you desecrate Troy's character, but you did that just to make an old joke. Unbelievable. (+2 additional posts)
Turn your willy into a monster! PixieWolfe I must admit there is some unrealism in how a tree is bleeding. Trees would bleed sap, at worst. When pointed out, the jarring effect does detract from an otherwise stellar cartoon. (+3 additional posts)
A Little d.i.c.k. SquishyPeriscope Hard to say who I'd hate more in this circumstance. Very funny cartoon.
Paradise is here! Pseudonym Somewhat pedestrian (IglooJeffrey and PixieWolfe did it far better), and nothing really "sells" it (mainly because of the lack of recognizable facial expressions), but I gave it a good score because of the skillful execution.
Bonus inches of pleasure Blasphemy Excellent cartoon, as usual. The top hat adds a jaunty air to the proceedings. Your drawing style is nothing short of spectacular.

Also, that girl looks like she has wobbly knees. Maybe she is a cousin of Torgo. (+1 additional post)

Causing an erection Null I rated this cartoon as low as possible because it implies sexism. (+2 additional posts)
I Found You a New Job! EvilJekyll This is an offensive racial stereotype applied to dogs. (+4 additional posts)

This is also the thread where he picked up many of his most endearing nicknames, to which he replied, amongst other things, Once again, stop ridiculing yourselves by misspelling my name when it's right there in front of you. It's FRANCOIS, not FRANCIS. How hard can it be to just type a word that is right in front of you?

[CHALLENGE] Cadave'r Null He sure cadavered the hell out of her.
titan poker Blasphemy Bravo, bravo!

This definitely needs to be coloured! (+2 additional posts)

It was a waste of time, useless, undesirable movie that just isn't worth seeing. IanC Given the intellectual level of this board, I am surprised that no one protested at their new favourite movie being slighted. But then again, there seems to be a zero-criticism policy on this board, so maybe all the Hollywood-loving saps are restraining themselves. As an elitist, I thought this cartoon was great. (+1 additional post)
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