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Phoenix Wright is an attorney in a series of games created by CapCom called "Ace Attorney." Sometime during one of his typical trials, he points dramatically and shouts "OBJECTION!" in the loudest possible voice he can make. When he is asked to explain his objection to the court, he probably has a good one. If he presents evidence, he instead yells, "TAKE THAT!" or "HOLD IT!" Then it's time for the judge to make a decision!

Guest Appearances

Title Artist Date
Nipples Defense Kjorteo 2007-03-03Mar 03, 2007
See my penis pictures as proof. Andrusi 2007-09-26Sep 26, 2007
TRANSACTION !!! Slydon 2008-04-09Apr 09, 2008
Dispute transaction Archaenus 2008-05-05May 05, 2008
You touched my soul PonderThis 2008-06-14Jun 14, 2008
goldenlocks restrainer slydon 2008-07-03Jul 03, 2008
Feel the Pride PonderThis 2010-06-27Jun 27, 2010
See A GeorgeWashington SandCastle (Follow-up) Clueless 2010-08-06-02 Aug 06, 2010
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