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You must be added to the wiki group on the forums:

If you're not sure if you've been added to the Wiki group or not just go to your User Control Panel and click on "Usergroups". Everyone will see themselves as a member of "Registered Users". If you're in the Wiki group you'll see that listed immediately below that.

If you're not in the Wiki group, you'll see yourself listed under "Non-memberships". To join, just click the button in the "Select" column, make sure the drop-down below that is on "Join Selected" and hit "Submit".

Other possibly problems:

We found a minor problem with this for those of us already with Wiki accounts in that the wiki does case-sensitive user ID's and the forum doesn't, even though it obviously stores upper/lower case. I think I've edited the user table in the wiki database to work for everyone, if not PM PonderThis, and he'll rectify it.

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