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The Four Stages of Spamusement: 1. Spam, WTF? 2. The Moment of Facepalm 3. SPAMUSE!! 4. Descent into madness


What is spamusers.com

We're all about turning your nasty toxic spam into visual comedy. We take what we feel to be the most interesting email subject lines from the spam we receive and post them here. Then we grab whatever subject line inspires us and draw cartoons which we post over here. To find out more about spamusers read up on our culture!

You're Welcome To Join In!

We're an easy-going bunch. Contribute your own comics today! You don't have to be good, just funny.

History of spamusers.com

As you may have noticed, this is the Official Fan Site of Spamusement! In fact, our forums started out as the Official Spamusement! Forums. We have since gone off on our own into the cold cruel world.

The Spamusers Wiki

The Spamusement Wiki is a section of the spamusers site designed to create a comprehensive and comprehensible source of Spamusement information. Our hope is that spamusers will come here and add new information, making this wiki as useful and usable as possible.

Feel free to edit pages when you have new information, or to correct already existing info. That's the whole point of a wiki.

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