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Old Stuff

Saturday March 27, 2010
12:30 PM CDT -- Forums are down and being backed up.
1:00 PM CDT -- Restore process started.
5:00 PM CDT -- Had a number of problems related to the fact that the web host had a non-standard name for connecting to the database ... which wasn't documented anywhere. Got the correct DB connection from the web host support staff and they also restored the database for me while they were at it, so I am on to the next stage of the process.
5:30 PM CDT -- On the last page of instructions ...
6:00 PM CDT -- OK, I made a mistake in the config file, hold on ...
7:00 PM CDT -- The forums are back up! Wooooo! Note that because of the domain name change if you relied on your cookies to log you in you're going to have to re-log in. But once you do that and remember to check the "Stay logged in" box (I forgot the first time), everything should be back to normal.

Older Stuff

Forums were down: 11/27/07 Until noonish. EST
2/4/07 ~3AM-1:30 EST
3/5/08 -3/7/08 ~1AM EST
19.3.08: I haven't been able to access the site or the forums since last Friday-ish, yet Wiki updates indicate that guest strips are being posted and Pictionary 14 has been finished and stuff. What's going on? /Yoyodyne
3/21/08 ~3:00 AM - ~4:00PM EST
8/19/08 ~5:45 PM - 8/20/08 ~2:45 AM EST

Forum database restore: 9/08/08 until ~ 2 PM EST 9/13/08. Everyone's over at Somniphobia.

StevenF subsequently closed Somniphobia when the pr0n-spammers discovered it. The link no longer exists.

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