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Super Mario refers to a plumber, specifically the star of a vast number of Nintendo video games. In these games, Mario has to navigate various hurdles through fantastical landscapes, all the while no doubt wondering how the heck he got himself into this scrape, as well as "What the heck is it all for anyway? Stars and coins. Stars and coins!" Bonking against various objects will either give him superpowers or kill him; he must choose wisely what to bonk.

He is sometimes accompanied by his brother, Luigi, who is taller and apparently good at jumping. Other friends include Toad, an ambulatory mushroom better known as ntw3001, and Princess Peach. There are other friends and foes as well, but I sure as heck couldn't tell you who they are. Someone else probably could.

In addition to a vast number of video games, so vast that their measure cannot be comprehended by the mind of man, Mario has also starred in a Saturday morning cartoon show. He was also portrayed by Bob Hopkins in a live-action movie featuring Dennis Hopper.

General Super Mario Humour

Title Artist Date
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pole riding is my specialty Leoboiko 2006-03-15Mar 15, 2006
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Have BetterSex Watery_tart 2007-05-22May 22, 2007
This one will explode.. slydon 2007-05-25May 25, 2007
Shy Man? Blasphemy 2008-01-18Jan 18, 2008
I'd hit it .. twice Archaenus 2008-03-26Mar 26, 2008
You Have Received a Crush Alert! EsBe 2008-03-27Mar 27, 2008


Title Artist Date
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to a whole new level Isaac 2005-11-18Nov 18, 2005
Re: fwd:Hot Sma|| Cap Growth Venture GLmathgrant 2005-12-14Dec 14, 2005
amazing bonuses for mario ntw3001 2006-02-14Feb 14, 2006
Do you want your girlfriend back? Immortal Goat 2006-03-02Mar 02, 2006
Can You Afford To Ignore Small Caps? IglooJeffrey 2006-06-22Jun 22, 2006
Powerup and rock her Dween 2006-07-19Jul 19, 2006
Why aren't you using LinkBait? djtristaph 2006-08-06Aug 06, 2006
warning! Avago 2006-08-18Aug 18, 2006
howe could this happpen to eme? Whithersby 2006-08-19Aug 19, 2006
blockbuster casserole catastrophile 2006-09-14Sep 14, 2006
Wee can help you aford thiss! Sykes 2006-12-18Dec 18, 2006
"Mario sent you a personal message " Veepa 2007-10-02Oct 02, 2007
Enjoy Longer Passionate plumbless Sex DoggySpew 2007-10-24Oct 24, 2007
How BIG can I get? djhwy Puck 2008-03-01Mar 01, 2008
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{?} {?} {?}. {?} {?} Nyperold 2011-01-25Jan 25, 2011
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