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Troy Powell, in his typical "Checking In" pose
Baby Troy Powell, checking in

Troy Powell is another character from the fevered mind of Spamusement creator Steven Frank. He first appeared in the iconic Troy Powell, Checking in in January 2005. Shortly thereafter he appeared in Enjoy your love life as much as he does, and has been a favorite ever since. The list of his many guest appearances is still being built.

Guest Forum Appearances

Title Creator Date
Ultra Allure Pheromones not only attracts women but also giantsfan97 2006-01-06Jan 06, 2006
Share your valentines day with ... (Followup) StevenF

Reposted by apronymaniac

2006-02-09Feb 09, 2006
Do you have one of these guys in your office? (Followup) DoggySpew 2006-03-01Mar 01, 2006
Im available tonight giantsfan97 2006-03-04Mar 04, 2006
Someone wants to date Nick giantsfan97 2006-05-02May 02, 2006
: :canadianStyle: : DoggySpew 2006-07-01Jul 01, 2006
Georgette into reverse DoggySpew 2006-07-02Jul 02, 2006
Fun, M-shaped giantsfan97 2006-07-03Jul 03, 2006
Fun (Dween's 50th Spamusement!) (Discussion) Animation: Host 1, Host 2 Dween 2006-07-18Jul 18, 2006
Re: ! (A Sequel to This and this) DoggySpew 2006-07-22Jul 22, 2006
Howdy Bink 2006-08-19Aug 19, 2006
Hello Dear DoggySpew 2007-01-22Jan 22, 2007
Troy put a Ring on where? Ol' Kentucky Shark 2007-05-30May 30, 2007
This was an unexpected turn of events. PonderThis 2007-06-04Jun 04, 2007
Smarter than a 5th Grader? Partitipate here mattex 2007-06-15Jun 15, 2007
Challenge: He came to the door stark naked. PonderThis 2007-11-12Nov 12, 2007
things you shouldn't find in your garden DoggySpew 2008-01-07Jan 07, 2008
Do you know who is watching you? Nyperold 2009-06-09Jun 09, 2009
Chase away your bedroom troubles Nyperold 2010-06-17Jun 17, 2010
Do I have the right person? Clueless 2010-06-20Jun 20, 2010
Forget Us Not! PonderThis 2011-02-11Feb 12, 2011

James's sig sayings

Title Creator Date
Troy Powell artificially created the vagabond. Clueless 2009-01-13Jan 13, 2009
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