Stop! Collaborate and Listen

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Stop! Collaborate and Listen

Postby Nyperold » Mon Mar 12, 2012 5:38 pm

So, as was suggested in "Ideas To Get More Comics", I've started a collaboration thread.

PonderThis wrote:Maybe you've had a comic idea but don't feel like drawing it. And maybe someone else feels like drawing something but doesn't have any ideas. We could have a collaborations thread where people get together, go off in a corner and produce the comic and get joint credit for the result.

Probably what would be optimal would be to give us a general idea of what sorts of things the artist would be expected to draw if your idea is followed. Then, if someone replies wanting to know your idea, you can PM the subject line to the responder.

I don't know how much this thread will be posted in, but if there's more than one undone idea, and you wish to indicate that you're interested in one, you might consider saying to in a Reply to the appropriate post so we know which one you're going for.

All that said, I have an idea, for anyone who's interested. Familiarity with and ability to draw characters from A Little Snow Fairy Sugar a plus. (But if you're responding to this, the fact that you're confident enough to do so will be good enough for me. No need to send proof.)

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