Son of Revenge of Subject Lines

Did you get a doozy of a spam subject line? Please share!
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Son of Revenge of Subject Lines

Postby GG Crono » Mon May 11, 2009 6:44 pm

The fresh harvest from my inbox!

Astounding! 77% off
Tantra fjor beginners
Make your immunity a fortress!
Your foreign letter-friend
Yfjwjo Ecjjj
Disgusting Jackson's confessions
Are you at workplace?
If you wish to feel like a superman,nothing could stand on your way.
You can save I tell you
Did you see my car?
Open me )
Cool and cheap
How is this possible?
Why do you send me this?
You asked
Is 9 p.m. ok?
People asked about you
Get in shape Fast.
Stop sending me mails!
What's your true size?
Turn your meat battleship on!
Your beast will get deeper in
Make your stick voluminous
Good day to You!
Watson made scandal
Drunken Jackman's kiss
We're losing
From tiny to humongous
Attack her ham pocket more
She'll beg to blow you
This process will be smooth and slick and you will love your perfect stick.
Want your nether rod to stay?

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