Fresh from the junk folder...

Did you get a doozy of a spam subject line? Please share!
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Fresh from the junk folder...

Postby GG Crono » Thu Aug 16, 2007 5:50 pm

And piping hot. I got a lot of strangely long ones this time.

She is waiting for you
i found this in my email
Get you Vic's
Huuge Penis
Hopper quickened his steps suddenly, heading for another set of tall doors, these clad in bronze.
Are you ill
I just started dating a guy I like, but his cock is on the small side and doesn't really satisfy me
The best it could be
My wife can barely wrap her hand around it
Zero side effects
You fix yourself up to be a writer by doing the instinctive things which feed you and the word, which protect you against death in life.
No embarrassment
Crank it up a notch
Beautifl women
It's Sooooo Cheap
The database entry is not removed until all open handles to the service have been closed by calls to the CloseServiceHandle function, and the service is not running. (<--all one line)
We keep it discreet
What will the wife say
RE: Get ready for XXX in 15 min
Pls email me
Featured in Maxim
We saw you
You will be able to penetrate deeper
Strick it rich
Doctors Use This Too

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