Piece of Heart Bests and Worsts

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Piece of Heart Bests and Worsts

Postby Nyperold » Sun Nov 05, 2017 4:35 pm

You know Zelda games, right? Most of them have Pieces of Heart for you to collect if you so choose. And every time you have a multiple of 4 (or 5, in some games' cases), you get a new Heart Container, and in that way, they're all equal.

But still, some are better than others.

So. Which Pieces of Heart from any Zelda game that you've at least tried to get all of them in are the best and the worst to you? I want one Heart Container's worth from the game you choose of both best and worst.

For the best, maybe the challenge makes it all the more satisfying. Maybe it's only part of the reward, and the rest is what makes it for you. Maybe it gives you an opportunity to get other things, or is one of the other things.

For the worst, maybe the challenge to get it is just so hard that you weren't able to, even after many tries and even looking up what you're supposed to do. Maybe you can do it, but it's so hard, you don't like to. Maybe it's not hard, just boring and tedious. Maybe it involves extraneous backtracking. Maybe it's too easy. Maybe getting it kicks off a sidequest you don't like. Maybe getting it makes you witness something aesthetically displeasing. Or whatever.

Do explain what makes it your best or worst. (Or quote someone else's explanation if you agree with it.)

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Numbers are from the official player's guide by Nintendo Power. See the listings starting on p. 145.


1. 16: Find in the last room of the cavern system near the Howling Stone in the Lake Hylia area. I enjoy both the Lantern Caverns, and this one more than the other.
2. 41: Find in the cavern system in the south of the Kakariko Gorge area. See above.
3. 21: Fish one off of a rock in the Fishing Hole. Going to an area where there's an Empty Bottle, getting to talk to and ride in a boat with a cute girl, and getting a cute message when you get the Piece of Heart? Yes please!
4. 18: Slashing at the roasting boar in the ruins south of the Arbiter's Grounds. This comes at the end of one of my favorite parts of the game: Sneaking around this area and shooting Bokoblins. And it's right near the one that drops the key.
5. 05: Herding Fado's goats (after you get your horse back). It's not too hard, you can do it while you're telling the villagers that the children are alive and safe, and you can do it right after getting the Iron Boots.

5. 40: Paying a man in Castle Town 1000 Rupees... 50, or by accident 30, at a time. Getting the actual quantity isn't hard. It's just tedious to pay him in such small amounts. To add insult to... tedium, I suppose, you can donate 1000 Rupees to rebuild the bridge connecting Castle Town and Hyrule Field north of Kakariko Village. What makes that better? Being able to pay up to as much as you have, all at once. Why couldn't they have implemented that for this?
4. 38: Delivering hot water to a Goron near the repaired bridge connecting Castle Town and Hyrule Field north of Kakariko Village. Unseen time limit, having to set the thing down to deal with archers and Kargarocs, having to stay near the edge so Leevers don't come up... it's doable, but it can be aggravating.
3. 39: Talking to cats in the Hidden Village. In contrast to the boar one, for being in the same area as one of my other favorite parts of the game (and for the same reason), this is much worse. It's just so easy to lose track of which ones you've talked to. If the ones you've talked to would go to a corral or be designated somehow or something, it'd be much more bearable.
2. 45: Block-pushing puzzles in a cave north of Hyrule Field north of the castle. Yay, the tedium of block-pushing, times three.
1. 43: Yeti snowboard racing. I don't like how it controls -- though I suspect the Wii one would be worse for me -- and I just find myself unable to do it most of the time.

It should be noted that I'll still get 38 and 40, instead not collecting 29 and 30 (the Palace of Twilight ones) just so I have 18 Heart Containers before entering the Palace.

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