Driving test pass or fail first time?

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Driving test pass or fail first time?

Postby Andrewa » Thu May 09, 2013 4:22 am

I failed 1st time on serious dangerous driving, I'm convinced the gap was big enough and the examiner over reacted with an emergency stop I was a little confused at the time thinking why has my car stopped when my foot is still on the accelerator I did complete the test with just 4 minor faults one silly mistake and one huge red cross.

I had a friend who failed his driving test for driving to slow, he never got above 22Mph he took 8 attempts

and I feel this one is a bit mean but my sister failed her test for undertaking on the dual carriage way. Some bloke was in the outside lane travelling at just below 30mph on a 70mph stretch all the traffic obviously caught up with him as my sister reached him she knew about not undertaking but the traffic behind was travelling so fast and all beeping it meant she had to slow to 25mph with cars up her backside and extremely dangerous, so she decided after many blasting cars horns ( from other drivers) to undertake him knowinging she'd probably fail as she felt it more dangerous to stay where she was and cause a pile up. She failed, the Examiner said she should have stayed travelling at 25mph. There was no traffic in front just a clear road with 70mph limit on a clear dry day. What would you have done?

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Re: Driving test pass or fail first time?

Postby PonderThis » Thu May 09, 2013 10:33 am

Sigh. Is it my imagination or did we used to get more interesting spammers than this?

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